Random Factor – Break Out




Random Factor – Break Out 15 mayo, 2018 10:28
Random Factor - Break Out

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Random Factor – Move On, released on 2004-06-15 by 20/20 Vision – VIS104D

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2020Vision is one of the most highly respected independent labels in the world. It started in 1994 & took the name through a desire to have a rounded & quality vision of music. The label has been anti-genre & released music in a wide variety of styles: Electronica from Random Factor, Hip Hop from Dubble D, Disco from Crazy P, Techno from Audiojack & Paul Woolford, House from Spirit Catcher & Indie Dance from 2020Soundsystem.

In recent times, 2020Vision continues to remain current, through both the main label & its exciting new sub-label; Editions – combining intelligent leftfield electronic music from the likes of Doubting Thomas & Photonz, with exciting dance floor house music from the likes of Denney & Mekanism.

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